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Communicate in Bulk
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Websites and E-commerce
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Digital Strategy
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Creative ideas
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Critical Analysis
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Full Digital Authority
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So, are you ready to take your idea to a new level?

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Trusted Companies

Our AI Team is presenting new Revolutionary Ideas every day. Including our A.I Chatbot systems for social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and much more…

So, are you ready to take your idea to a new level?

Welcome To the meta era

Attract your customers' attention with blockchain

CyberOmnes helps clients explore all aspects of blockchain and create custom solutions designed to deliver value. Through architecture, digital design and development. We serve our clients in their search for innovative blockchain solutions that are market-ready and address real business problems.

Crypto Wallet & Exchange

Earn money by creatring your crypto project without coding with our easy to integrate crypto wallet and exchange system

BlockChain Development
Blockchain it is changing the way the world lives and works, but it is only a means to an end, not the end itself. We can help you apply this technology to drive your transformation into the future.
BlockChain Rental
CyberOmnes provides cross-blockchain NFT asset rental solutions and offers a flexible mechanism in which users can create and manage their rental groups to start a loan business.
NFT Technology

Our Innovative systems such as OmnesMusic allows users to track in real time their NFT with our Specialized Omnes Crawler

NFT Gaming

Our NFT gaming and our consulting services provide an exciting experience with crypto collectibles. Asa professional NFT development company, Cyberomnes is the backbone behind various NFT projects

Blockchain and Smart Contract Auditing
From the boom in different activities of the cryptographic economy in blockchain, the need for auditing and control of these web platforms has arisen to verify, through third parties, the perfect logical functioning of their platforms, to generate trust in the community of gamers, artists, and virtual investors.
Get To Know Omnes.Link

Omnes.Link - Where all becomes one and one becomes all

Omnes.Link is your one stop shop to creating amazing pages in seconds containing only the content you want to share.

You can create your own e-commerce, your music site, even your own Private content sharing.


What Clients Say About Our Us

Cyberomnes changed our understanding of the digital world. Thank you for showing us so many possibilities
I was amazed and the level of expertise the group has. Every doubt we had was attended to promptly.
Cyberomnes helped us achieve what we thought was impossible, we were close to going bankrupt before they showed us so many new solutions to our problems.
Introducing Our Work

Raise your customer satisfaction level by developing attractive, quality products

Elevate your business. 


Between managing your team, keeping cash flow up, and keeping the lights on you’ve got a lot on your plate.


What if we told you there was a way you could stack the deck a bit more in your favor?


Generating sustainable growth is going to be your friend. At the end of the day growth is the goal, and the good news is you can do it.

Initial Idea
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Why is it important to have an attractive product?

We are taught that we should not judge a book by its cover because people do… We make it so not only your cover looks as good as your content.

About CyberOMnes

We Create, Innovate and Teach in This New Digital Era

The digital revolution is transforming our work, our organisations and our
routines. It is transforming the way children and young people play, access
information, communicate with each other and learn. 

We will Guide as well as create pathways for you to get by easier in this new era.

Our Professionals

Meet Our Team

Afonso Avelar


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Afonso Avelar

Chief Designer

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Afonso Avelar

Product Designer

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Afonso Avelar

Security Specialist

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Need to improve the look of your products or your business?